Shamrockpark, Herne (Germany)

Owner and developer

Ground area
100.000 m²

Gross floor area
97.000 m²

53 % new built,
47 % refurbished buildings

The SHAMROCKPARK was created on the site of the former headquarters of the coal company RAG AG in Herne, Germany. The various office buildings are being extensively refurbished and complemented by several new buildings to form the new mixed-use area. State-of-the-art communication technology and an IT infrastructure that meets today’s requirements will enable efficient work. What is unusual about the project is not only the revitalization and partial conversion of the existing buildings, but also the densification of the buildings. New living space, a kindergarten and a senior residence will be created on the site. However, the FAKT AG is particularly proud of the planned high-rise buildings that will bring new impetus to Herne. The World Center will attract international companies as tenants on 17 levels and inspire them with offers such as a business hotel, a sky bar and interpreting services. The Future Center is the counterpart to the World Center and is intended to offer space for start-ups, innovative research and educational units and much more.

CLUE supports the planning, implementation and the operation of the ectogrid energy system at the Shamrockpark quarter. The ectogrid energy system is based on a low-temperature LowEx-district heating network with variable temperatures and a smart electric grid and supplies 27 new and existing buildings. Ectogrid enables the exchange of heat between the buildings and the use of low temperature industrial waste heat as energy source. Bidirectional flow of heat is possible in the pipes of the network. The integrated energy system includes several types of sector coupling between the heating, electricity and e-mobility sectors by heat pumps, combined heat and power plants and electric vehicles charging infrastructure. Within CLUE, a planning tool will be developed to optimize the design of such integrated energy systems. The operation of the energy system will be optimized based on detailed monitoring. The flexibility options within the district, which could be provided by storage, sector coupling and demand-side management, will be evaluated. The energy services, which could be provided by the quarter to the surrounding energy system will be researched including the related business models. The ectogrid energy system allows a high share of local or regional renewable energy in the energy system and is therefore a raw model for climate neutral districts. Possible reservations of the citizens and other stakeholders against the new, sustainable technologies will be evaluated and their acceptance improved by citizen participation measures, which will be supported by social scientists. CLUE-Shamrockpark is part of the European ERA-NET project CLUE, which develops solutions for Local Energy Communities in four European Countries.